From Polaroid to Impossible

2008 was the year Polaroid shut down. Instant films production finished and Enschede’s factory is closed. During the closing event André Brosman, former Polaroid employee, supposed to destroy the machinaries and Florian Kaps, austrian creative who had been fighting for years to save Polaroid, team up and create a society called Impossible, find the money to buy the machinaries and get the factory back on.

“The money came from friends of mine and film photography lovers. One of them mortgaged his own house to help us.”
They raised 1,2 million euros. They made a list of Polaroid veterans, people with more than 25 years experience inside the factory, and after two years of research the production could start. We start from them, the bones of what Polaroid had been, those who helped making huge a factory that produced over 26 million films a year: Bennie Evers, Henk Minnen, Paul Latka, Martin Steinmeijer, these men are just a few of them.

Progetto in collaborazione con Paolo Ippolito.
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